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A history of our stones, come and now gone.
Astoria granite, Lot 11619.Calacatta Quartzite / White Macaubas quartzite, Lot 7327.Thunder White granite, Lot 11492.Typhoon Bordeaux granite, Lot 7548.
White Galaxy granite, Lot 496.Avorio White granite, Lot 8475.Branco Dallas granite, Lot 11426.Branco Romano granite (a.k.a. Bianco Romano), Lot 12113.
Branco Romano granite, Lot 14545.Delicatus granite, Lot 13343.Emerald Wave marble, Lot 843.Fantasia quartzite, Lot 2105.
Fantasia Leathered quartzite, Lot 2105.Fantasy Brown Leathered quartzite, Lot 12.Fantasy Brown quartzite, Lot 197.Fantasy Brown quartzite, Lot 2063.
Fantasy Brown quartzite (Ocean Beige), Lot 195.Fantasy Brown quartzite (Ocean Beige), Lot 169.Fantasy Brown quartzite (Ocean Beige), Lot 170.Fantasy Brown quartzite (Ocean Beige), Lot 170.
Giallo Napoli granite, Lot 30825.Giallo Napoli granite, Lot 30825.Giallo Ornamental granite, Lot 13180.Ice Blue granite, Lot 10253.
Imperial Gold granite, Lot 7598.Indo White marble, Lot 92.Kashmir Gold granite, Lot 275.Lady Mint Green onyx, Lot 101.
Mayfair White granite, Lot 264.Moon White granite, Lot 8311.Ocean Beige quartzite (Fantasy Brown Light), Lot 13.Ocean Beige quartzite (Fantasy Brown Light), Lot 26.
Ocean Beige quartzite (Fantasy Brown Light), Lot 339.Ocean Beige quartzite (Fantasy Brown Light), Lot 170.Ocean White quartzite, Lot 167.Ostrich Grey slate, Lot 101.
River White granite, Lot 8120.River White granite, Lot 8137.Thunder White granite, Lot 177.Tobacco Brown Exotic quartzite.
Verde Pacifica marble, Lot 803.White Ice granite, Lot 42627.
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